Temple of the Dog – Hunger Strike

Temple of the Dog was a supergroup, I guess, but it basically was Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready and Matt Cameron) with two singers.  Of course that singer was Chris Cornell who, I will argue this point with anyone who is willing, has one of the greatest voices in rock history.  How many rock singers would be able to vocally out muscle Eddie Vedder?

They were formed to record a few songs that Cornell wrote as a tribute to Andrew Wood who was Cornell’s friend and the lead singer of Ament and Gossard’s former band, Mother Love Bone.  They were one of the most popular bands in Seattle’s burgeoning grunge scene, but Wood overdosed and died a few days before the release of their debut album.

critically lauded at the time of its release, the album didn’t do much until Pearl Jam’s landmark album Ten was released, bringing renewed attention in the group. By that time,though, all parties had moved on to their main projects.


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