This Band is Terrible

Mindkilla, the latest track from Manhattan electro-psyche group Gang Gang Dance, has been shooting through the blogosphere for about a month now and its been getting great reviews.  I really want to like this song, and the band in general, but I just can’t.  They are beloved by critics and to be honest I generally agree more with the critics than with the masses but not here.

It’s a combination of things that is keeping me from liking these guys.  Singer Lizzi Bougatsos has a shrill, choking cat vocal style that makes my ear drums itch.  The synths, which is the meat of most of their songs, tends to be tinny and weak.  The drums just kind of meander about without creating any kind of interesting rhythm.

When I think about it, the main reason maybe because they don’t have any rhythm or melody for me to latch on to.  The songs just kind of wander around while Bougatsos yells things.  It sounds like all the members are playing different songs and its irritating.  Maybe Gang Gang Dance are the electro equivalent of free form jazz.  I don’t get that either.  Or maybe they are like the band Ponytail, for all you hipsters out there.  They suck, too.

(The one exception is the excellent, hypnotic “House Jam” of the Saint Dympha LP.  In my opinion, this is the only song they have made worth listening to.  Probably because it sounds nothing like anything else they have done.)

Gang Gang Dance – Mindkilla

Gang Gang Dance – House Jam


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