His subject matter does not venture that far beyond weed and cars but there is something about the way this New Orleans rapper’s words flow out, in that subtle southern drawl, that keeps you interested.  He feels like one of the guys, less concerned with hitting the clubs and more interested hanging out and playing Xbox.

Part of the reason his output is so consistently good is that he has a real talent for choosing collaborators, not necessarily focusing on who is the hottest at the moment but choosing beatmakers who are able to properly complement his style. Last year Spitta put out two fantastic albums on Damon Dash’s DD172 label  Pilot Talk, Pilot Talk 2) with almost exclusive production by Ski Beatz, who is responsible for the beats on much of Jay-Z’s early work, and his newly released (free!) EP, Covert Coup, with beats by The Alchemist.  His producers do a great job crafting flexible, meandering lines that allow his laid back, syrupy flow the freedom to wander without losing control.

The best thing about being a Curren$y is the vast body of work he has produced.  Since 2009 he has released five proper albums and over ten mixtapes, which are free to download.  He doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, with two more albums and a short film slated for 2011 this might be time for his long awaited breakout.

Curren$y – BBS (from Covert Coup)

Curren$y – Scottie Pippen feat. Freddie Gibbs (from Covert Coup)

Curren$y – Address feat Stalley (from Pilot Talk)

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