City and Colour – Faithless

Now that most of America has realized how terrible emo is most of these bands who are not My Chemical Romance or Fallout Boy are being forced to either evolve styles or find themselves out of work.  Ontario post-hardcore band Alexisonfire was a group that found moderate success among black haired, skinny jeaned scene kids in the early 2000’s with their mix of screamed and sung vocals.  Since the band’s demise vocalist (the singing half) and guitar player, Dallas Green, has reinvented himself as a heart on sleeve folkie under the moniker City and Colour (Dallas Green-City Colour.  Get it? Ha ha).  The song “Faithless,” off the limited edition version of his sophmore album Bring Me Your Love, highlights his seemingly fragile voice over a soft banjo line with a little  slide guitar backing.  Green is one of the few artists who came up in the age of emo that is still putting out music worth listening to.

(This isn’t a video, its just the song being played on youtube.  Something is wrong with my digital track and I will put up a better version as soon as I can.)


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