tUnE-yArDs – Bizness

The great thing about music is that it is completely subjective.  Its art and just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean in doesn’t make complete sense to someone else.  This is why I can’t understand why anyone would listen to that steaming pile of garbage that is Kesha and my friends can’t understand why I go through phases where I just listen to melodic death metal (a la Children of Bodom).  It’s all depends on how your brain perceives it.

Tune-Yards (its supposed to be spelled like the title but I don’t have the patience) is Connecticut native Merrill Garbus and she makes music that sounds like the soundtrack to some wacky performance art.  Her music is some of the most intriguing I have heard in a long while.  The first time I heard Bizness (the first single of the recently released Whokill) I was just annoyed but those drum ticks and the twittering vocal loops just stayed in my head.  So I listened it again and again until I lost count.  Then I watched the brilliant video and now I’m a full fledged fan.  Its seems crazy but give the song and the video a chance.  Very few musicians are attempting to be real artists.  Worse comes to worse you can make fun of me in the comments section.


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