This is Not Okay Ladies

I don’t get you people.  Who know who you are.  The ones who can listen to pop radio for a solid hour without having to the fight the urge to pull your hair out.  The ones who will pay 100 dollars for a ticket to watch someone pretend to sing.  The ones who buy albums made by singers who need computers to help them not sound like shit.  I bring these things up and I just get called a “hipster elitist” and then I get brushed aside.  I am just trying to help.  Why is it so wrong to promote using common sense to make you take step back and really ask, “Why do I like this?”  (I’m kind of like the musical Richard Dawkins with a little less condescension.)

That brings me to the latest video by one Mike Posner for his most recent single Bow Chicka Wow Wow.  (Wait…its called what?  Was his 10 year old nephew write a co-writer?  Congratulations Duke University.  What an endorsement for your English department.)  You should be able to tell from title alone that this song is terrible and you’ve probably confirmed your suspicions when you heard it on the radio.  If you haven’t seen the video yet I will tell you that it is beyond terrible.  This is a video that is so bad that it actually makes the song worse.

This video was introduced to me by two girls that I work with.  They prefaced my watching by saying, “You are going to hate the song but I think the video is so funny.”  The video follows the artist through a couple scenes of him trying to bang some girls who seem less than interested.  Then he throws one of his cds into the stereo and (boom!) they are all over him.  And Lil Wayne is around for some reason.  Were you waiting for more?  Cuz that’s it.

I was not impressed but the girls were laughing the whole time.  Maybe it wasn’t made for my gender.  Then I watched it a couple more times and I really started to get offended.  Not necessarily for me but for the all the women who were watching it and not realizing they were being insulted. Ladies, Mike Posner doesn’t think too much of you.

He either thinks women are so dumb that they would change their minds about sleeping with him because his music is that good (Sample Lyric:  “I can’t contemplate waitin’ one more minute/Let me jump in it.”  Ladies, please try to control yourselves.) or whatever is playing on that cd has some subliminal message that tells women they are horny.  So at best he is an asshole with a poor view of the female population or at worst he is a rapist.  Either way it doesn’t sound like something that women would find entertaining.  But, hey I’m just a hipster elitist who spends his days hating on pop music.  What do I know?

(Oh, I almost forgot.  At the end Mike and Wayne trade girls.  So this is the kind of thing makes people likeable now?)


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