Watch This: Chromeo

There is a lot music that I enjoy that is made by bands who I know will never be famous, and I am okay with that.  I know what commercially viable music sounds like.  You are never going to hear HEALTH on the radio because its not accessible to a large audience, and I think that is kind of the point.  They are a niche band and are not looking for any kind of  larger, mass appeal.

Chromeo is one of the bands on the other end of the spectrum.  For some reason they haven’t not had their big mega hit breakthrough despite the fact that they have a very radio friendly sound.  The music is funky and danceable and has great hooks.  Their songs also have this great carefree, 80’s vibe that seems to be so popular with my generation.  I am not the radio’s target audience so maybe I don’t know as much as I think I do.  I guess I will never know why some great bands get passed over while Nickelback is still allowed to make the same shitty song over and over.

(I was going back and forth between the older and newer stuff trying to decide which to feature.  I decided to give a little of both.  This first one goes out to the newly minted Mrs. Schafer.)


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