Listen To This: Rome – Two Against One

I guess it was inevitable that one of Jack White’s seemingly endless array of side projects (The Raconteaurs, Dead Weather, his record label)  has finally crossed paths with collaborator extraordinaire, Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells, Danger Doom).  There new project, along with Italian composer Danielle Luppi, is called Rome and it is an “homage to 60’s and 70’s Italian film scores.”  I know what you’re thinking but bear with me.  The first track is Called Two Against one is a simple, but haunting, little jam with White on vocals.  I’m assuming White is also playing the multi-layered guitar tracks as well and Danger Mouse is handling the organ flourishes  and drums, but you never know with these two.  They are both capable of playing all the instruments heard on this track.  Check out the song plus another track called Black featuring Norah Jones over at Antiquet.


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