Listen to This: New Tracks From Burial

I know he is not nearly as exciting now that we all know his identity, but Burial (aka William Bevan) still one of the stars of the dubstep genre.  His new 12” drops on March 28th and Hyperdub head Kode9 was on Radio 1 to debut two of the tracks from the album.  While no new ground is being broken here these tracks are still unquestionably Burial songs.  These are decidedly cleaner sounding than his previous two albums.  It sounds like he has upgraded some of his bargain bin equipment.  “Stolen Dog” soft synth lines flow smoothly under the choppy drum hits creating a nice contrast.  “Street Halo” is a bit more upbeat and about as close to danceable as a Burial track has ever been.  Both songs also feature chopped and distorted female vocals that waver just on the edge of being intelligible.  Besides being of better sound quality there doesn’t seem to be any ground being gained which is disappointing considering how long its been since we have had original music by the artist.  Still these are solid tracks that should be on any dubstep fan’s playlist.


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