Classics: Neil Young – Tonight’s the Night

Although, not one of his most well known albums Tonight’s the Night will always be my favorite.  I am a person who needs to feel an emotional attachment to my music.  I need to know that the artist is really giving me an honest glance into their mind and their feelings.  Maybe thats why I don’t care much for pop music, at least the current version.  Its just not very honest.  Anyone with a half decent voice can regurgitate someone else’s songs.  (Insert American Idol cast off here) is a great example.

This record is all about emotions.  Recorded after the tumultuous Time Fades Away tour ,and shortly after the deaths of Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten and Young’s friend and roadie Bruce Berry, this album is very much about grief.  Its so loose and sloppily played it that gives the impression that it was done in one take.  Young’s voice cracks and wobbles and slurs the lyrics but it just really works inside the space of the music.  You can feel the man’s pain and that creates the connection between the artist and audience.  We have all lost someone or something important to us and we should all be so lucky as to be able to express our sorrow as beautifully as he has



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