Rebecca Black is Our Fault

By now everyone has seen the “Friday” music video.  You all know which one I am talking about.  People have been quick to call it the worst song ever but think  that might be a little rash when you consider all the dreck that has been produced by the mass of Disney Channel robo-teens.  We can all agree that it is one steaming pile of awful and no one in their right mind would pay money to listen to it.

So, we are all agreed that the song is awful and I’m pretty sure that Ark Music Factory (the “independent” label that will write and produce a song for your budding mini-Bieber for a fee) is evil.  That being said, who can explain why Rebecca Black is now a household name?  This person who really kind of sucks is  famous now.  She is doing the Tonight Show and performing on Good Morning America.  Wait, aren’t those things talented people do?

The problem is not her.  Yes she made a terrible song but she is just a dumb kid.  If Leno wants her on his show she’s not going to say no.  It’s our fault, the American public, that she is famous.  We have made her important just like we made the Kardashians important.  It’s the same reason Jersey Shore is one of the most popular shows on television.

I think America likes to watch stupid and/or talentless people because it makes us feel better.  Would you rather watch Jack White play a fantastic guitar solo that you know you will never be talented enough to duplicate or would you rather watch that horrible, deluded old white lady from Real Housewives of Who Gives a Shit embarrass herself trying to sing?  I know what I would choose, but hey at least while you are watching that leather handbag gurgle out her verses you can tell yourself, “At least I’m not as bad as her.”

So, the only way we are going to stop more Rebecca Blacks from becoming famous is to ignore them and we all know that is just not going happen.  After I was sent the Friday video I immediately sent it to ten more people.  I am just as guilty as anyone and I take full responsibility.  I, like any good American, love a train wreck.


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